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Building Local Laws

Building Local Laws

What are the Most Important Residential Building Local Laws?


Local Law 152: Gas Inspection Covers the requirements for gas pipeline inspection and reporting, and where the building’s responsibilities lie.

Local Law 11: FISP Covers the façade inspection and safety program, as well as the reporting duties of building owners.


Local Law 147: Smoking Policy Covers the laws on building-wide smoking policies and the disclosure of regulations around smoking.


Local Law 195: Fire Protection/Evacuation Plan Covers fire alarms and fire protection plans, as well as the reporting of those matters.


Local Law 55: Indoor Health Hazards Covers the procedure for treating vermin, roaches, and other indoor allergen hazards in residential buildings.


Local Law 97: Buildings Emissions Law Covers requirements for energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions.


Local Law 154: Construction on a Residential Building Covers requirements when construction or repairs are being carried out in a building where people are living.


Local Law 87: Energy Audits and Retrofitting Covers requirements for reporting on, and addressing, energy efficiency in residential buildings.


Local Laws 92 and 94: Sustainable Roof Zones Covers the requirements for creating a sustainable roof zone and the conditions that would mandate such a zone.


BLC 727: Preventing Conflict of Interest Covers the reporting requirements for co-op board members to prove that they have no conflict of interest.


To take a deeper dive on NYC’s local laws, read more here.



We love all things New York City and will keep you informed on all new rules and regulations coming down the pike. We hope you are enjoying your summer!



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