Citi Bike price hikes roll out in NYC


Gear up, Citi Bike riders: Prices for using the popular bikeshare service are increasing for members and non-members alike.

Citi Bike said the rate hikes — which will go into effect Thursday for some offerings and Jan. 29 for annual memberships — will help fund station upgrades and new electric bikes across its network, which currently includes more than 2,100 active stations and approximately 36,000 bikes.


Annual membership fees will jump to $219.99 a year, up from $205 previously, according to Citi Bike. For members, e-bike rides and charges for rides longer than 45 minutes will rise to 20 cents per minute, up from 17 cents. And the cap for e-bike rides of up to 45 minutes when users enter or exit Manhattan will increase to $4.


For the first time, members will get 60 free e-bike minutes every year they renew their membership. Among non-members, unlock fees for single rides are rising to $4.79, up from $4.49. Charges for rides longer than 30 minutes are hitting 30 cents per minute, up from 26 cents; the same is true for single-ride e-bike fees.


In the case of day passes, e-bike fees are also jumping to 30 cents per minute, but pass and overage fees are staying the same, at $19 and $4 (per 15 minutes), respectively.


Citi Bike launched in 2013 and is now owned by ride-hail company Lyft, which acquired Citi Bike operator Motivate in 2018. The service plans to expand to 40,000 total bikes across 2,000 stations in a third of the city by the end of 2024, according to Streetsblog NYC, and has announced it will double its fleet of e-bikes and lower speeds on its second-generation e-bikes. Last year, more than 1.4 million riders clocked nearly 36 million trips on Citi Bike, a new annual record, with the average Citi Bike member taking 130 rides. You can read more here


Clearly Citi Bike is a popular program though it is unnerving that very few riders wear helmets. The bike lanes can also make walking, crossing the street and driving a bit precarious - be cautious! Our team will continue to keep you updated on all NYC happenings. 


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