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Congressional Map, Setting Up Primary Clash

The Upper West Side may be merged with the Upper East Side to create a new district, if the latest draft of New York state's new congressional map is approved — potentially setting up a primary clash between two longtime incumbents.

In what would be a stunning change, the new map sees District 12, currently represented by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, take over the entire Upper West Side and a major chunk of Midtown Manhattan, encroaching on West Side turf that has long been home to Rep. Jerry Nadler. If the current maps hold, the two lawmakers — who have each served for around 30 years in Congress — would face each other in the Aug. 23 Democratic primary.

The revised District 12 would stretch from around 110th Street to 14th Street on both sides of Central Park — a major shift, since the Upper East and West sides have long been in separate districts. It would preserve Maloney's East Side base and shed all of its territory in Brooklyn and Queens that had been seen as less friendly to her.

Meanwhile, Nadler's District 10 would lose its entire uptown segment, instead covering Lower Manhattan and a swath of Brooklyn from Park Slope down to Borough Park.

Democrats — who faced accusations from Republicans that they gerrymandered districts — were shut out of the latest process. A neutral expert — Cervas — was designated a "special master" to draw up new district lines. You can read more here.

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