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New Modular Outdoor Dining Sheds Coming to NYC Streets


Modular outdoor dining sheds are coming to New York, and city officials are pushing new blueprints to help restaurants put up al fresco structures that comply with regulations.

The city Department of Transportation showed off four of the colorful model sheds outside restaurants in Manhattan and Queens on Tuesday. The sheds are wheelchair-accessible and made up of components that can easily be disassembled.


Transportation officials said the next generation of outdoor dining structures will be easier to clean, repair and remove from public space between November and April. The new designs will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars, according to official estimates.


Andrew Rigie, executive director of the nonprofit New York City Hospitality Alliance, said the new designs represent a return to the layouts of pre-pandemic outdoor dining spaces. Enclosed sheds where diners can enjoy meals during cold weather will no longer be on the streets when the new rules go into effect in November.


The City Council passed legislation last year that mandated new requirements for the sheds and codified outdoor dining for the first time. But the measures faced some criticism for eliminating outdoor dining during the winter, which also meant street space would return to parking spots.


Restaurants will now also have to pay a fee to have outdoor dining. A four-year license costs $1,050 for a roadway or sidewalk permit, or $2,100 for both. There’s also an additional fee based on the size and location of the restaurant.


Restaurant owners can start applying for the outdoor dining permits on March 5, according to city officials. You can read more here


Outdoor dining was truly a life line for New Yorkers during Covid. I am glad they are here to stay, even if modified. Reach out with any questions. We hope to hear from you soon! 


Warm regards,

Stacey Froelich 

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