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Workforce trends is a topic that we have been paying attention to. Employees returning to their offices will have a big impact on our New York City Market. Globalization Parters recently put out an ebook on the topic of 2022 Global Workforce Trends. We wanted to share it with you. We will highlight the main takeaways.
2021 was a year of resilience. Leaders and employees globally had to assess, pivot, and establish new ways of working in order to survive in the shadow of Covid-19. Company leaders had to build stronger connections with their employees and peers, and promote greater support on a personal level, as wellbeing and mental health became more significant during this period of immense uncertainty. The world continues to experience changes; therefore, resilience will remain central to retain stability and longevity — the pandemic will continue to play a significant role in shaping the way workers do their jobs.
Trend #1: 
The increasing popularity of hybrid working
​​In an article for LinkedIn, Schawbel noted that companies will continue on the path of adopting hybrid or remote-first working conditions in 2022. Post-Covid, employees want to split their time between their company HQ, home, and other locations such as satellite offices, co-working spaces, and public “third spaces” like a library or café. A dynamic work model gives teams the freedom to work from anywhere — this flexible approach has been associated with higher job satisfaction and employee engagement. 
Trend #2:
Artificial intelligence and automation
Predictions by the World Economic Forum state that AI and automation will lead to 97 million new jobs by the year 2025.
The increase of AI in the workplace will predominantly be used to automate repetitive tasks, so workers can focus on other areas, such as emotional intelligence, high-level strategy, and creativity.
Trend #3:
Building strategies around resilience
Prior to the pandemic, it was more common for companies to structure hiring practices around achieving greater efficiency. Following 2020, recruiting priorities shifted to a greater focus on employee resilience and appreciation of workers with an overlap in skills.  
Trend #4:
Leaders are taking more responsibility for helping employees maintain mental, financial, and physical wellness, which can help team members:
  • Reduce their anxiety
  • Improve their mood
  • Achieve clearer thinking
  • Maintain a greater sense of calm
Trend #5: 
Skills development versus role development
Employees are better positioned to capitalize on future career opportunities and goals if companies continue to focus on skills development, rather than specific role development. This new approach is likely to be a top trend through 2022.
Trend #6: 
The importance of employee feedback
Regularly engaging with employees and seeking feedback enhances innovation.
Trend #7: 
Emerging markets and the global talent surplus
This trend, and the ease with which companies can hire globally, will impact the international workforce in 2022 and beyond.
Trend #8: 
Inclusion and advancing diversity efforts
Leaders will also focus on emphasizing the why behind inclusion, showcasing how it positively impacts overall employee wellbeing, performance, productivity, and workplace culture.
Trend #9: 
The advantages of collaboration
Internal collaboration ultimately leads to opportunities for companies to create diverse teams with various skills and levels. The benefit of fostering a culture around skills diversity is significant: Encouraging a cross-pollination of expertise for different projects can often produce faster and more cost effective results, as well as greater innovation and overall efficiency.
Trend #10: 
The evolution of virtual meetings
The world has become more comfortable and adaptable to video meetings, and in 2022, that comfort and adaptability will lead to greater online meeting efficiency. 
You can read more here
We are tracking both hyper local and global trends and will continue to share everything we learn. We hope you are enjoying your summer.
Warm regards,
Stacey Froelich 

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