NYC delivery workers now make $19 an hour, but many say apps have made tipping harder!

New York City’s food delivery workers will now receive a minimum of $19.56 an hour, as part of a 2021 law that establishes better base wages for the more than 65,000 drivers and cyclists delivering food to New Yorkers’ doorsteps.

Prior to this wage increase, delivery workers for apps earned an average of $5.39 an hour prior to tips, according to city estimates.

App companies like DoorDash, GrubHub and Uber hire workers as independent contractors which means that, prior to the city rule, workers weren’t protected by federal or state minimum wage laws.

The law passed in 2021 but four app companies sued to block its implementation last year, arguing the new pay scales would harm their businesses. But a judge sided with the city and allowed minimum pay rates to take effect.

App companies are making it harder for customers to tip and in recent months, have started deactivating workers from their accounts for unexplained reasons. Workers, too, said while they’ve seen their wages increase, their tips have declined.

Spokespeople for Uber, GrubHub and DoorDash said they will comply with the minimum pay rates.

The companies acknowledged they’ve had to limit how many workers have access to the apps and changed how customers tip since the new rules went into effect and said those steps were necessary to meet new operational costs.

Pay rates will increase by another dollar in April 2025, adjusted for inflation. You can read more here.

One of the beauties of living in NYC is that we can get any cuisine delivered at any time so we rely on these delivery workers. As a foodie, this subject is very topical. We will keep you updated on all things New York.  


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