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NYC Plans Public Bathroom Expansion With 'Ur In Luck' Initiative


New Yorkers will soon be getting much needed new public bathrooms. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced on Monday a new initiative to build or remodel bathrooms in city parks. 

The plan dubbed ‘Ur in Luck' will see the construction of 46 new restrooms and renovations of 36 existing restrooms over the next five years.

23 restrooms are planned in Brooklyn, 28 in Manhattan, 14 in Queens, 7 on Staten Island and 10 in the Bronx, officials said.

As part of the plan, people will be able to use a Google Maps layer on their phones to easily find locations of NYC restrooms.

“Part of making New York City a more livable city is tackling the little things — the things we don’t think about until we need them,” said Mayor Eric Adams. “Access to public restrooms is high on that list, maybe even number one or two.” You can read more here

It’s a stinky topic - pun intended, but for us New Yorkers who frequent Central Park, it's a welcomed one! Happy Summer.


Warm regards,

Stacey Froelich 

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