NYC Primary Elections Are Underway: What To Know, How To Vote

NYC Primary Elections Are Underway: What To Know, How To Vote
It's election season in New York City, with everything from statewide races to neighborhood-level primaries on the ballot. Here's what to know about this month's primary elections.
When and where can I vote?
Election Day is Tuesday, June 28, but early voting already began on June 18 and runs through June 26.
To find your polling place or view a sample ballot, click here.
What's on the ballot?
The big-ticket races include the Democratic and Republican primaries for governor, in which Kathy Hochul is seeking her first full term. Democrats are also having a primary for lieutenant governor (a Republican candidate is running unopposed in that primary).
At the local level, you'll also likely be voting in your neighborhood's primary for State Assembly: the lower house of the state legislature. 
To see which district you live in, try this handy tool from THE CITY.
You also may be voting for borough-wide judge races, as well as internal party positions like county committee, state committee and district leader. Read more about those offices here.
Why won't I be voting for Congress or State Senate?
You will — but not until August. 
When an upstate judge tossed out the newly-drawn district maps for Congress and the State Senate in April, he instructed the state to delay the primary elections for those two races until Aug. 23.
That means New Yorkers will be voting in two separate primaries this summer — along with the typical November general election.
Can I still register to vote in the June primary?
Unfortunately not — the deadline to register by mail or in-person was June 3, and a proposal to enact same-day registration was rejected by voters last fall. 
But you still have plenty of time to register for the Aug. 23 primary, or for the Nov. 8 general election. See here for the full list of deadlines, or here for info on how to register.
You can read more here
With the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe Vs. Wade, it has never been more important to VOTE. It is a crucial time in our history. We plan to get involved on a local, state and federal level. Please share how you are getting involved as well.
Happy Summer! 
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Stacey Froelich 

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