Tis the Season for Tipping!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…except for the stress of tipping your building staff. Have no fear, we are here to help! We should point out that while tipping is not required, it is expected and an opportunity to say thank you for the work your staff does throughout the year.

How much should I tip building staff?

The precise amount depends on the size of your building, quality of service, staff seniority, length of time you’ve lived there, whether you own or rent, personal chemistry, your financial circumstances, and whether you’re frugal, generous, or somewhere in between.

Here’s a general framework, for you to use as you see fit:

  • Super, resident manager: $75-$175 on average (broad range: $50-$500)
  • Doorman and/or concierge (the latter handles more personal requests, like lining up an emergency dog-walker): $50-$150 on average (broad range: $20-$1,000)
  • Porter, handyman, and maintenance staff: $20-$30 on average (broad range: $20-$75)
  • Garage attendant: $25-$75 on average (broad range $15-$100)

How much should I tip non-building workers?

  • Cleaning person/housekeeper: 1-2 weeks of pay.
  • Full-time nanny: One week’s pay minimum, or two if you can afford it. Or, one week’s pay and one week of vacation.
  • Regular babysitter hired occasionally: Consider $25-$50 in cash or a gift card
  • Regular dog walker: One week’s pay
  • UPS delivery: Since UPS assigns drivers to specific addresses, $25-$50 if you have a lot of packages delivered. More if you have a lot of business-related deliveries.
  • Mail carrier: By law, mail carriers can’t accept cash or anything worth more than $20. In reality, some (but by no means most) residents do tip in the $25-$50 range, especially if they receive a lot of deliveries or a lot of mail that requires signatures.

2021 was a tough year. Should I give a little extra?

There’s no question that it will be appreciated, especially if your staff person has family members that lost jobs or are struggling in some way. And if you needed more services this year—you really should. You may have some concerns that you’re locking yourself into a higher amount for the future. If that’s the case, include a note that references how difficult the past year has been and your appreciation for something specific that building staff helped you with—and say you wanted to recognize how they went above and beyond their usual duties. That should make it clear that your intention is to offer a bonus and not a raise.
We wanted to make sure to get this guide to you at the beginning of the month so you can prepare. You can read more here. The staff also appreciates getting their tips early so they can use the money for their holiday shopping. We are always here to be your NYC recourse. Let the holiday season begin!
Warm regards,
Stacey Froelich

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